One of the main reasons why video producers hire free-lance video crews is that they can save money on travel expenses. If you need footage from a corporate event in another city, for example, it is much more efficient to hire a local camera crew than to send your own employees and all their equipment across the country and then put them up in a hotel for any length of time. Furthermore, there are some excellent freelance videographers out there, and you can get the benefit of working with a variety of talented individuals on a single production. If you are hiring a camera crew for your next corporate production, the following are some things you’ll want to consider.

First of all, consider the location where you need the video shot and find out where the closest crew is located. If you’re working in a small town far from a big city, you may have fewer options. If your crew has to travel several hours, you may need to think about how to limit their time and get the most out of it through careful planning and organization. If you are shooting in another country, it can be especially valuable to hire a local crew who will know all about how to get permits.

It’s also important to consider what quality of video you need and make sure the crew you hire has expertise in the kind of filming your production will require. You’ll want to make sure that any videographer you hire understands how to use good lighting techniques and how to frame a shot. The best way to find out what a videographer can do is to ask for footage of his or her work and for references from previous clients.

Another thing to determine in advance is how many crew members you need. How many camera angles do you want, for instance? Do you want one person to deal with cameras, light, and sound? While it is possible to find multi-talented individuals who can do many jobs on a film crew, don’t overburden your video crew with too much responsibility. Don’t try to save money by hiring fewer people than you actually need; your product will suffer in the end.

Rather than hiring crew on your own, you can use a booking service like Crews Control. What makes Crews Control different from other services is that they hand-pick each of their crew members and will spend time finding the perfect match for your shoot and your needs. They have proprietary matching software and an enormous database of freelancers to ensure they can match you up with exactly who you want, anywhere in the world.